Imagine a world where life is slowed down, where our authentic beingness,who we truly are, is the greatest gift we can offer ourselves and the world.

A world where we are all seen, heard, felt and loved unconditionally for the unique expression of consciousness that we are. Where there is no right or wrong, but a dance, a symphony of each unique song.

Imagine a world where there is no judgment that separates ourselves from the other, but rather a celebration that here is a reflection of me wanting to be loved and integrated back into wholeness.

Imagine a world where each word that is spoken from an open heart, opens another heart, which opens another heart and blows the defenses of the world wide apart.

Imagine a world where our purified sexual energy has returned us to innocence, our natural essence, where our life force can flow fully and freely. Where consciousness meets form, heaven meets earth and delicious, juicy aliveness is born.

Imagine that this is the norm.

Who are you in your full sovereign form?

Imagine this world is available NOW. It exists inside of you. My joy is to help guide you home. 


It’s not Ok that this world been flipped upside down and inside out… lies masquerading as truth, illusion sold as reality; That we worship a judgmental mind/god causing division and separation within and without through the conflict of right and wrong… judging condemning and punishing ourselves; That the energy of life is labeled, judged and compartmentalized as acceptable or unacceptable, suppressing so many parts of our being in an effort to be ‘good’ and accepted so we may gain a VIP pass to a heaven we have to die to go to; That the yin has been cut off form the yang, the light has rejected its shadow and the Goddess has been condemned to the underworld. How can we possibly experience our wholeness if we reject most of who we are?

I believe we’re undergoing a rapid spiritual evolution and it begins within. We have to break through the cages of our conditioned mind by setting our wild heart free. By undoing every lock that’s blocked the full spectrum of our magnificence to flow. We have to reclaim the vital life force that’s been imprisoned in the shadows of our psyche by bringing them to the light and giving ourselves permission to be all that we are. The return to our wildness is the return to our true nature, to Mother Nature – the return to Paradise.

It takes huge courage to follow this path of the wild heart, to come into our fullest potential. It’s easier to hide behind the cage of conditioned beliefs, judgments and defense strategies then dare face the truth that we are the very things we fear and judge in others. We are the dark and the light, the fierce and tame, the predator and prey… we are nature. We are Love and love is the source of EVERYTHING. We’re either in love or in resistance to love. When the polarities of duality are no longer experienced as opposing forces creating conflict and separation, but brought into the body as polar forces creating the tension needed to birth new life, we become master creator beings making love to each moment.

I believe it’s time to come together to relate and create in radical new ways which revolutionize the fabric of the universe and flip this world the right way around… where the dark and light, the heart and mind collide and explode into juicy vitality and creativity.

It’s time to play! To explore all those messy, unpretty, unaccepted, unexpressed parts of us desperate to see the light of day and be loved and accepted back into wholeness. It’s time to unlock those cages and set your spirit free, embody your divinity and experience the delicious exquisiteness that comes from expressing your raw, unmanaged, embodied truth. Fuck the mask of pleasantries desperately containing the bubbling cauldron of conflict beneath, it’s time to get real and feel every part of your being back into freedom. It’s time to love and be loved just as you are and be celebrated in the courage it takes to be fully, unapologetically you. It’s time to be met where your soul’s longing to be met.

It’s time to meet your tribe!



DISCLAIMER: The views expressed on this site are based on my truth, perception and experience and may or may not resonate with yours. In no way do I intend to propose a ‘right’ way (there is no such thing). We are all unique pieces of one giant cosmic puzzle and this is the piece that I bring and share, which may very well shift, change and morph as I continue to experience more of who I am and what I know to be true for me. My responsibility is to offer my unique piece of the puzzle in a way that empowers you to be your own unique piece. Your responsibility is to discern whether or not my piece fits yours in this moment in time on this ever-expanding adventure of bringing our pieces together and re-membering who we are.