My Journey has been an adventure of awakening to my own truth and highest potential, the commitment to follow the path of my heart and an ongoing letting go of all in the way of allowing life to be fully lived and expressed through me.

A teensy bit of personal back story…

2012 was the cataclysmic shift in my reality as I knew it. Whilst I was being squeezed on the physical plane, my spiritual self experienced profound realisations that could never be unknown, inconvenient truths that could never be fully expressed or suppressed. This ultimately sparked an inner battle as my fears and doubts felt the need to rise up to challenge the power of who I truly was.

My external security collapsed around me (money, career, relationship) and all I was left with was me. I had to find my security deep within… the responsibility, the pressure, the doubts, the fears, the lack of self-belief pinned me down and there was no escape. I had to face it, feel it and walk through it.

What now? A blank canvass. There was no going back and there was nothing to move towards. I had to create my new life, one block of ‘wtf!?’ at a time! I didn’t know where to begin… all I knew was that whatever I was going to build had to have a strong foundation. I had to first find me – my life needed to be an authentic expression of who I am.

I had been unconsciously going down a path that wasn’t my own. It’s as though I didn’t trust my own ability to manage my power (or even want that responsibility) so it was easier to put it in someone else’s hands. Naturally all my challenges were teachers in disguise giving me the opportunity to reclaim that power. I had to dig deep and dirty and sift through all the programming and limitations to get to the heart of me… my power, my strength, my vision and truth.

I was forced to do some inner and outer renovating. New stuff arrived, old stuff shipped off. Some dragons were slayed, some still pop by for tea and in the process I’ve been getting to explore the real me. It’s been a beautiful, messy, magical ride, bouncing between my fears and my freedom in the process of integration and now it’s time to emerge from the chrysalis and share my learnings, my heart and my truth and help guide others to their wild hearted power and potential.

And oh boy.. the emergence from the chrysalis can be the hardest part, but at some point you’ve got to say, “f#$k you very much fear, your one and only job of stopping me from uncovering and expressing my authentic power was well served… you pointed the way. And instead of waiting for the right conditions – to have enough money, time, experience, skills, the earth tilting at an exact angle, I now choose life, freedom, expansion and expression… walk with me if you must, but you won’t stand in my way!” (Eeek.. please don’t counter-challenge me!)”

What I’ve learned…

I’ve learned that freedom lies beyond our fear and limitations. It’s in the paradox of bringing our fragmented bits back together and also knowing that we are already whole. it’s about balancing and integrating our light and our shadow, our wilded feminine and masculine. Our unconscious and our conscious. Our journey to wholeness is a spiral of expansion and contraction and when we learn how to navigate and flow with the natural rhythms of life, to feel our hearts open and allow the fullness of life in, that’s when we truly come alive.

The path of the heart is a courageous one. It’s putting your truth ahead of what feels comfortable. Being vulnerable when it’s easier to wear your mask. Expressing yourself when it’s easier to hide. Walking through your fears when it’s easier to play the old game. Taking responsibility when it’s easier to blame. Share your truth even though it may be rejected by most. But you get to a point of no return, where your next move can only be a step into the unknown, with new rules and new terms that have to serve your highest good, the good of the planet and all of (wo)mankind.

 And now…

My passion is to help your rEVOLUTION (rapid evolution) so you may uncover the blueprint of potential within you, take back the power from your inner dictator and oppressor and allow the emergence of your most passionate, creative and expansive self.

Through my own journey into the unknown I’ve created the Emergent Imaginal Model which I use to help guide others through the activation, integration and emergence of their most authentic, empowered selves. My passion is to work with adults and youth alike, incorporating the wisdom of nature, guiding them to their inner leader and giving them the experience and tools to live inspired and heart centred lives so that they may be the difference that’s needed in this world.

I invite you to join me on this adventure as we peel back the layers of separation between our conditioning and our liberation and between one another and this beautiful planet so that we may live connected and in harmony with all of life.

What I do and what I love

Transformational coach, facilitator, writer and speaker guiding adults and youth to their inner wisdom, creative potential and authentic expression. I’m an adventure-seeker, edge-walker, nature-lover, truth detective, heart activist, shadow dancer, merger of worlds and Wild Hearted Woman in progress.

I’m passionate about the environment, community, individual and global empowerment and being the change that’s needed in the world. I love laughing, spending time with my beloved daughter, dancing, rock climbing, time outdoors and heart-centred connecting.



Chairperson of I Am Somebody!

I Am Somebody! is an NGO using storytelling, nature based rites of passage and resource exchange with young people and their communities in order to develop and nurture a vibrant, healthy and resilient community that values the gifts of all people.

Member of Toastmasters International

Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development.


Training and qualifications

I am a certified Evolved Coach, trained in life coaching, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Time Paradigm Techniques™ and Hypnotherapy. I am also a trained Kinesiologist and Reiki.

Being an active student of life, committed to personal growth, emergence and self-mastery, I’ve done many personal development courses, classes and trainings throughout the past 15 years.

Student of Ecopsychology through Michael Cohen’s ‘Natural Systems Thinking Process – Educating, counseling and healing with Nature”


Ecopsychology is an emerging field recognising that there is a synergistic relationship between planetary and personal wellbeing; that the needs of the one are relevant to the other. The outer and inner worlds reflect and support one another, which means that a healthy ecosystem is inseparable from a healthy psyche.


How can I support you on your journey?

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