1. Any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.
  2. Any seemingly magical process of transforming or combining elements into something new.
  3. The anciet science of illumination and inner liberation.

Alchemical Embodiment

1. The magical process of combining spirit and form – embodying divinity and coming home to your true essence and aliveness.

Our bodies are sacred vessels with the ability to transcend the realms of the physical and connect with divinity, bringing heaven to earth, Consciousness into form. By way of kundalini, alchemical fires of transmutation allow for the spirit to live more fully in the body. You are birthing and bringing forth this unique essence, being called to open your heart and feel your way into more and more communion and connection with all that you are and all of life.

Disconnection or dissociation from our bodies, our feelings can bring a loss of meaning in our lives with no real juice or aliveness. This disconnect can leave us lost in the maze mind of should, shouldn’t, could, couldn’t, need to, must do…  creating  fear and anxiety, the need for control, unsafety, unhealthy boundaries, apathy, stress, stuckness and a lack of energy and passion.

Awakening to your full embodied aliveness will:

  • Bring you into deeper presence, truth and love.
  • Connect you to your body wisdom, wellbeing and deep inner knowing
  • Allow your life force to flow more freely, bringing lightness and vitality to your being
  • Awaken your fuller potential and creativity
  • Help you move from fear and anxiety into deeper safety and trust in life.
  • Connect to the juice and deliciousness that you are in your integrated shadow and light, your grace and your fierceness, your flow with healthy boundaries!

Within you are all the keys and wisdom necessary to come into the expanded expression of your natural essence, the fullness of your being. I guide you into the experience of this essence, beyond the intellectual mind, into your deep knowing.

For single sessions or a 6 week intensive

begin your adventure towards embodied freedom now!

Mondays and Fridays in Noordhoek and Tuesdays in Roeland Square, Cape Town. Online Zoom sessions are also available.

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Damn, years & years of counselling, etc and here in about two weeks you manage to help me & it turns my whole family around as well! ~ Claire

After my first session with Tracy, I felt emotionally and spiritually reborn. I realised so much in terms of what I really wanted in life and how I had been sabotaging myself. By the time the last session was over, I had a clear image of what I wanted in life, how and when I would achieve it, and I had completely let go of any limitations and baggage that may have been holding back.

It is amazing that I can now move forward with confidence and optimism.

I now know the power of me!!!”

~ Erin, 18

Our sessions have been non prescriptive, gentle and supportive. Each time I leave, I know within my being, that I am better than when I arrived. Tracy holds confidences, she is easy to share and communicate with. She gets it, and holds a space for you to also get it. She’s perceptive, cuts to the chase and shares a wealth of understanding way beyond her years.

I just want you to know you made such a difference in my life. You helped me see my possibilities!

~ Colin

 Book an appointment with Tracy Russell using SetMore

Blown away by today. I have done so much work but nothing as deep as this. I am so deeply grateful. thank you so much!

~ Loren

Embodiment coach, relationship coach, Heart IQ practitioner and modern day shaman guiding men and women to awaken, embody and express their full potential in the world, coming into deeper intimacy within self, other and life. I’m passionate about sacred sexual alchemy through the connection between earth and heart and using the amplified field of circle to deepen connection to self and others through the power of heart-centred relating and creating.

Quaifications: Certified Evolved coach, Heart IQ Practitioner trained in Circle dynamics (Netherlands), Relationship Mastery coach (Netherlands), Reiki Master and transmitter of the 9 shamanic Munay-Ki Rites. Trained in Kinesiology, Matrix Energetics and an ongoing student of Ecopsychology.


I feel like I have a friend inside now. The darkness has become light. I had so much anger and kept it to myself, I feel like I laid it upon you and you showed me the light. My heart was burning with anger and now I feel the love and the warmth of the sun and the calmness of the ocean. For me nature is about caring and supporting and I feel like I have discovered nature, the sun and the ocean in one word “myself’.

I was the wind and thunder and now I am clear blue sky. My mind is clear now as I sit here now I’m in my heart and out of my head.

I never knew this would happen, I thought no one could help me. I can’t’ explain how I feel around you. I’m free, the butterfly is free.

~ Tiffinni, 17