In the previous blog, ‘Are you being called to awaken to your fullest potential? we explored what the metamorphosis of the butterfly teaches us… that the blueprint of our potential is within us and our work is to shed the layers of conditioning that disconnects us from this truth.

It’s not about self-improvement or fixing something that’s broken. It’s about setting our inner butterfly free to be who he/she is and do what she came here to do!
We’re now going to explore what it means to connect with your inner butterfly – your highest vision or version of self, as well as the shadow aspects that will consequently arise when you move towards it.


IEmergentImaginal Model-2n this diagram I’ve used the cross to represent the unconscious and the conscious. There is only ONE MIND – which, for the sake of convenience and understanding, we’ll divide, according to its functions, into the conscious and unconscious minds, which is further divided into superconscious and subconscious.


One ancient definition of the cross is ‘the cross of matter’, the vertical bar representing spirit, which interpenetrates the horizontal bar representing matter or the earth plane (horizon line). This is symbolic of bringing heaven to earth, Integrating our connection to source, with our connection to others.

The world of the caterpillar is black and white, his sight is limited and he knows what to do based on what he’s been taught. He’s conditioned to consume and stay on his isolated tree, not knowing that there’s a whole world of colour beyond his limited perception. Similarly we go about our life only connecting to the 5% of information that is filtered via our senses and self talk, forming our conscious reality and often fail to tap into the 95% that is our unconscious mind.

Understanding the superconscious mind

  • It functions best when the conscious mind is not mulling over problems, but rather focused on solving them and looking for solutions (energy flows where focus goes.). Then when the conscious mind is focused elsewhere, ideas will often flash into the mind.
  • When you get an intuitive flash/idea act on it immediately, the more rapidly you act on these insights the more insights you receive.
  • The unconscious mind communicates in pictures, metaphors and synchronicities. Visualization and imagining are powerful ways to engage in two-way communication.
  • Any thought, plan, goal or idea held continuously in the conscious mind will get brought into our reality by the superconscious mind, whether positive or negative. Therefore it’s important to be conscious of what you’re focused on.

Think of the superconscious mind as a mainframe computer that you can tap into in each NOW moment (your point of power). Call it universal mind, cosmic consciousness, infinite intelligence. It’s where we source our ideas and receive inspiration and life force energy from. It’s not something outside of ourselves, it is at the core of our being. It’s the source of all creativity. It’s the genius mind that Einstein Mozart, Beethoven, Thomas Edison and countless others knew how to access.

Whether you’re wanting to create a new project, a new life or live more into your truth, the first step is to connect to that vision, the butterfly… the end result.

  • Imagine what it would be like to live your most juiciest, fulfilled, passionate life.
  • What would you be doing? What can you see? What can you feel? (engage all your senses)
  • If you had no limitations whatsoever, what would your life look like?
  • If you had no self-doubt what kind of person would you be?

The thing about growth is that it’s not linear, there is no A to B where you get to a grand finish line, throw your hands up in the air and shout “I’ve arrived!” Growth is infinite and happens in a spiral of contraction and expansion. To the degree that you shine a torch on the light of your inner butterfly… that free, expansive, liberated self, is to the degree that the torch gets turned onto the shadow of your fears, beliefs and limitations. You’ll feel the contraction of all that’s not in alignment with your vision.

I’m sure you’ve experienced an epiphany or grand idea which lights you up completely (often at night when your unconscious is more active) and then you wake up in the morning to “What was I thinking, I can’t do that!”… all the excuses and doubts appear and you’re left feeling deflated. Remember your imaginal discs (potential) are a higher frequency and those fears and doubts that live on a lower vibration will fight for survival. And yet they hold great gifts and power for us if we learn how to transmute and alchemise them.

Just as any hero in a story has to slay some dragons in order to come through the other side victorious, so do we need to use our challenges and perceived limitations as tools for growth so that we can eventually bridge the gap between our current reality and desired reality.

These beliefs and fears lurk in the shadow of our subconscious mind and it’s a necessary part of growth and transformation to be able to face, feel and heal these aspects so we can return to wholeness.

5Monarch_chrysalis1This is what happens within the chrysalis… The butterfly who’s wanting to emerge and the caterpillar needing to die so that this new vision/ higher aspect of self can be re-birthed. Yet the old dies hard and doesn’t give up without a fight!

Dictionary: (from the Latin revolutio, “a turn around”) is a fundamental change in power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time.

This is the revolution within, where there’s a shift in power from your head to your heart. From fear to empowerment, from restriction to freedom.

Understanding the subconscious mind

  • It controls 97% of our behavior
  • It can’t tell real from imagined – whatever picture or image you send it, it believes it to be absolutely true.
  • It stores memories, beliefs, habits and generates your instincts
  • The conditioned mind doesn’t’ know the difference between a truth and a lie, it can’t process negatives
  • It takes everything personally… there is no one else but you.
  • It represses memories with unresolved emotions and presents them for resolution when ready
  • Runs the body. Has a blueprint of the body now and of perfect health
  • Generates, stores, distributes and transmits energy
  • Functions best as a whole integrated unit, not as parts

The term Subconscious mind is an individual accumulation of knowledge through personal experience and ideas that have been fixed through education, repetition or impact which form your conditioning. Your subconscious mind contains all the mental and emotional imprints from the past, your beliefs about yourself and the world around you.

  • What beliefs are you holding that are not serving your highest good and potential?
  • Are they absolutely true?
  • How could the opposite belief be just as true?

Some beliefs could be “I don’t have the time” “I need more money” “How can I do that?” I’m not good enough” I’m not experienced enough”, and the list goes on. Remember every problem has a solution and it’s to keep focused on the solution.
One of the greatest obstacles is not knowing HOW to create our vision and so we find excuses and keep waiting for the right time or conditions – or a treasure map with the coordinates to land in our lap!”

You don’t have to know the how of creating your vision. In fact if you know the how, you’re not moving beyond your comfort zone into your greater potential. If you know the how it means you’ve done it before. Growing into your potential involves moving beyond the known, into the unknown. You’re blazing a new trail one step at a time using courage to slay your dragons and passion and purpose to fuel and direct your journey.

Remember this is about bringing heaven to earth (embodying our sovereignty) which means activating the vibration of what you’re wanting to create in your life RIGHT NOW. Start your day in the vibration of who you truly are at the core of your being (LOVE) and do those things that add joy and sparkle to your every day whilst opening to receiving even more… follow the breadcrumbs back home!


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