I’m writing this in a most beautiful natural setting in the Noordhoek mountains that is my home and office for the next couple of months AND I get to have my client sessions outdoors in the forest/mountains with even more powerful results!

I wanted an inspiring space to write from and couldn’t have manifested a more perfect match to my vision. Speaking of perfect matches… the past few months have also been a crazy adventure in love and an ongoing journey of burning through the layers of resistance in allowing more and more love in – in all its many forms.

Intimacy. Vulnerability. Surrender… eek all those scary things we tend to avoid, but which ultimately lead to our true power and freedom. And so my own process has lead me to more deeply explore this thing called love and the protective walls we’ve built up against fully allowing it in.

What if the art of protecting oneself is the very thing that’s hurting you?

loveinpresentmomentFor me Love is the source of all creation and Life is the expression of that Love.

This love and the illumination it brings can come in many forms, such as pursuing our passion and calling, true heart-centred connection and most importantly in EVERY NOW MOMENT – yes, that ‘elusive’ presence that we’re so good at dodging.

Life is Love made manifest and available to us in every single moment.

And yet how often do we really let it in? When last did you whole-heartedly surrender to the present moment where it penetrated the core of your being, expanding you into an ecstatic state of bliss? Yes it’s powerful enough to give you a heartgasm! (true story).

The irony is that we spend most of our lives searching for Love while simultaneously running from it.

The truth is we fear love and intimacy. True love expressed penetrates – it exposes our armour, our defenses and our feelings of unworthiness. It illuminates our shadowy corners and we DON’T like to be exposed and feel vulnerable.

This is why we avoid the present moment. Who are you without your story? What’s really going on inside? It’s that uncomfortable moment of vulnerability that requires deep honesty where we don’t even want to be seen by ourselves, so we resist it.

We resist through avoidance, numbing, addiction, excuses, busyness and the myriad of clever defense mechanisms we have in place… all to avoid feeling what we’re feeling. Oh and of course attracting emotionally unavailable partners to avoid intimacy (been there, done that).

Most of our suffering comes from the resistance to experience suffering. So we resist the resistance.

When you allow and feel into the resistance, you will naturally move towards allowing ­– from contraction to expansion, from being closed off to opening up.

Often we’re resisting the allowing because we fear surrender – we fear being open and vulnerable, but it’s in the surrender that we allow life to flow through us and guide us towards a more expansive state. It’s in the surrender that we get to access our authentic power… which is neither exerted nor concealed.

Without attaching meaning to something, it simply is what it is and all everything ultimately is, is love. So by feeling what you’re feeling you’re bringing yourself to the present moment which is love itself – the true healer.

Steps to alchemise the resistance and increase your self love:

  1. Notice when you’re in resistance to the moment.
  2. Take three deep breaths and drop your awareness into your body.
  3. Where in your body do you feel the pain/discomfort/anxiety/or any emotion that you are trying not to feel?
  4. Drop into that feeling and FEEL it, allow it to be, accept it as it is. Be with it and observe what happens – feel it moving and shifting. Don’t analyse it, judge it, try to fix it or attach a story to it.

Every emotion, feeling and sensation is calling for your attention and love. To judge, disown or suppress it is to judge, disown and suppress a part of you. To allow it, to feel it, is to love, reclaim and liberate another part of you. This is the process of integrating all of you and coming into wholeness. This is what it means to take your power back and not hand it over to your ego or emotions and let them control you.

What if every pain, every discomfort, every unwanted emotion or dis-ease was a call to deep surrender to the power of the now moment?

The consciousness on this planet is expanding, more love is penetrating and illuminating our shadow stuff so we can heal and raise our vibration. More and more people are feeling this call to surrender to their truth and so the resistance is strong!

Love, nurture and feel your way into your heart! (AND BREATHE!)

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Until then, keep living and loving from your wild heart.

Much Love