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 19th – 30th MARCH 2017

Walk amongst the ‘Big Five’ (elephant. rhino, lion, leopard, buffalo), sleep under the stars, paddle up the Pongola river, swim with the wild dolphins and transform your world forever!


This is your call to ultimate adventure, both within and without

– a journey of exploration, embodiment and expression of your fullest potential and freedom

– a breaking through of your inner barriers, beliefs and fears so you can share the gift of who you are with the world.  

“Only through deep intimacy with ourselves, with each other and with all of life can we truly be alive.”

There is a rapid evolutionary transformation of consciousness being birthed on our planet right now through the rising of the wild feminine force (shakti/kundalini) that’s awakening within each one of us (male and female). She’s demanding that we let go of all that we think we are so to allow for who we truly are to be birthed. The world needs you now to be fully you, to lead by example, living your most passionate life so you can leave behind a trail of new possibility and influence.

You will explore those deep, wild places inside you, those places beyond your conditioning – The you that you know is in there longing to be acknowledged, felt, experienced and freely expressed… The expression of which is part of your purpose, your gift to the world.

Are you going to be one of the 7 fellow heart activists and adventurists birthing yourself and your new vision whilst immersing yourself in the experience of a lifetime ?

This transformational wilderness adventure provides you with the magical opportunity to return to your deep senses and understand and master the beautiful, intricate dance of creation (the old and the new, life and death, masculine and feminine, contraction and expansion, shadow and light)  from the original master, mother nature, and your facilitator, the wild hearted revolutionary, heart activist and modern day shaman, Tracy Russell

You will be following the metamorphic cycle of the butterfly as you go through your own revolutionary and evolutionary process:


Meet Tracy Russell, your inner wilderness guide, facilitator and founder of The Wild Hearted rEVOLUTION

Meet Tracy Russell, your inner wilderness guide, facilitator and founder of The Wild Hearted rEVOLUTION

Adventure-seeker, edge-walker, nature-lover, Truth detective, matrix penetrator, heart activator and Wild Hearted Woman awakening to deeper Love and Truth. Tracy is a Transformational coach, earth-heart facilitator and modern day shaman guiding men and women to activate and live their unique blueprint. A certified Evolved coach, Heart IQ Practitioner trained in Circle dynamics, Relationship Mastery coach, Reiki Master and transmitter of the 9 shamanic Munay-Ki Rites. She’s trained in Kinesiology, Matrix Energetics, and Empathic Mentoring, and an ongoing student of Ecopsychology. And yet mostly works from experience and intuition.

I work with individuals and groups who are ready to awaken, embody and express their full potential in the world and burn through all that’s in the way of deeper intimacy within self, other and life, releasing the energy and life force that’s needed to fuel their evolution. I believe a large part of our awakening is owning and directing our sexual (creative) life force power so we can come into our full spiritual maturity and penetrate the world from a place of Love, Clarity and Truth.

Meet Janet Frangs, your outer wilderness guide and co-facilitator

Meet Janet Frangs, your outer wilderness guide and co-facilitator

Janet has had a lifelong love affair with nature and this love and passion is what she brings to your experience. More comfortable under the stars in the wilderness than within four walls, she holds a space for you that will allow the barriers that you have built to crumble, enabling you to embrace this wilderness for yourself – the wild child without and within. Janet has been guiding for 10 years, the last 3 of those as a wilderness guide with the Wilderness Leadership School. She is deeply connected with the wilderness, guided by the ancient wisdom held in the rocks, the rivers and the trees, she uses her intuition to deliver a safe and enjoyable experience for all. Animal encounters are gentle and respectful, mindful of the fact that we are no more or less but all part of the same circle of life. Janet is also a Body Talk practitioner, Meditation teacher and Reiki Master, committed to reawakening the realisation of our oneness with all of life – facilitating the return to wholeness – an awakening that will raise the vibration of the entire universe.

“I was drawn to Tracy’s call for people to step into their wild heartedness, to become fully themselves, to step up to the edge feeling everything, the fear, excitement, and doing it anyway… Her call to transform the world by transforming myself… Her call for the courage to step into awakening and go beyond. I met Tracy in the darkest phase of my life, she listened with empathy and understanding and told me her story and I knew that she had been there and come back and there was at least one person in the world who could understand and not judge. In the last 5 months I have changed at every level… she has helped me re-establish my connection with my own creativity, with my life force and with my sexual energy. I have healed on so many levels and in so many ways that it is impossible to describe. She continues to call me into my divine masculine to step into my full self and to stop hiding. I am now stepping into my new true self, feeling energised and powerful. Tracy bills herself as a personal transformation coach but this is far from what she actually does. When she drops into her true state of vulnerability and allows life force to flow through her you get a glimpse of the glory of being alive and what it is to truly love and be loved. A glimpse of what you are as your highest self.”

~ Brett


5 Days in Mozambique heart circling and swimming with dolphins

Activate and connect to your original blueprint 

Within the caterpillar are what are scientifically termed imaginal discs which hold the blueprint for what will ultimately become the butterfly, 

Connect to the joy, innocence, play and creativity of the dolphin, your true nature. We will be spending time in play and in circle, in and out of the ocean, connecting with your true essence, activating emotional-energetic ranges that you may have suppressed so to come into more fullness and freedom within yourself. You will explore what it is that’s wanting to be birthed through you and what is needing to be shed to allow for the new to emerge.

 What are you wanting to step into? What are you wanting to leave behind? What is your passion, purpose and vision for your life and the world you’re wanting to create?


  • 3 full dolphin launches
  • Gear hire (mask, snorkel, etc)
  • Accommodation in Ponta Malongane
  • Dinner and brunch, cooked together in community
  • Border transport costs


3 Day Pongola River Kayak and Camp

It’s time to step outside the labyrinth of your own undoing and into your innate wild-hearted power. To claim the world around you and within you. To shed. To heighten your depths and navigate the rivers of your world. The next step of the creation process is to let go, let flow and say goodbye to all you think you know.

In the final stage of shedding, the caterpillar lets go of an old black and white world to venture in the unknown within and discover a whole new world beyond his imagination.


  • 100km’s of river to explore during our three nights.
  • First night in the permanent tented camp where we can shower and scrub up and the second and third nights on the river in tents.
  • Fully catered for and include all transport, gear and guides.


“Travel a thousand miles by train and you are a brute; pedal five hundred on a bicycle and you remain basically a bourgeois; paddle a hundred in a canoe and you are already a child of nature”. Pierre Trudeau.

Nowhere does this saying ring truer than on the beautiful Pongola River below Lake Jozini. Just 60km South of the Mozambique border the Pongola has a distinctly tropical feel, clear blue waters meander around white sandbanks and under ancient Sycamore Fig Trees. Visibility of over 2m allows you to watch the river bottom slip seamlessly by as you glide downstream on water as clear and smooth as molten glass. Lean back into the comfortable backrest, soak up the sun and marvel at the natural beauty that surrounds you as you float on by….


5 day Imfolozi Wilderness Trail

Deep in the heart of the African Wilderness, you’ll be connecting to the earth and your body as you go deeper into your chrysalis to find your gold. Access your truth, innate wisdom and intuition through the deep listening of the feminine. You’ll awaken your primal senses and reconnect to the web of life, increasing your sense of belonging and connection to all as your imaginal discs start clumping together transforming into the butterfly that you are, ready to impact the world through your beingness.

We walk amongst the Big 5, sleep under the stars, take turns in keeping the camp fire burning at night and experience the magic of the wild both within and without.


  • Each trail is led by two experienced, armed guides
  • We eat and sleep under the stars
  • Everyone carries a backpack (provided)
  • No sophistication (including cellphone, watches, music or liquor)
  • The duration of daily wilderness walks is customized for your comfort
  • Transport included for the round trip from King Shaka International Airport/ Wilderness Leadership School
  • Food, all camping equipment including ground sheets, foam mattress, sleeping bags and rucksacks, cooking utensils, eating utensils, toiletpaper, spade, water containers are all provided.


Elephants crossing

Elephants crossing

day walk

day walk

The original Wilderness Trail in KwaZulu-Natal… the Hluhluwe/iMfolozi Wilderness area is home to the ‘Big 5’ (lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant) this is one of the last remaining true wilderness areas. Three hours drive from Durban, iMfolozi Game Reserve is situated between the White and Black iMfolozi Rivers. It is the oldest proclaimed natural park in Africa and is renowned for its Big Five population, more than 400 bird species as well as its white rhino conservation program of which the Wilderness Leadership School founder, Dr. Ian Player is synonymous.

Imfolozi Wilderness

Imfolozi Wilderness

I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately to front only the essential facts of life and see if I could not learn what it had to teach and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

 Anchoring your new embodied vision in reality

We can have amazing life-changing experiences, but the return home can often be a crash landing back into an out dated story. If we don’t integrate and anchor all that’s changed we can easily slip back into old habits, make ourselves small again and allow our fears to steal our newfound joy and sense of purpose. Continue the momentum by harnessing and grounding what’s been birthed through you with the support of your Wild Hearted community. There’s great power in being witnessed and held in the light of your true potential. This is your new beginning!


  • Two 40 minute one-on-one coaching calls to support and assist with your integration during the following month.
  • A group coaching call to re-connect and share triumphs, challenges and new stories.
  • Ongoing access to the ‘Wild Hearted Revolutionaries’ Facebook community group, supporting you in moving forward as a revolutionary leader with your new vision and new you.

The Wild Hearted Retreat weekend was truly life-changing and that stinging, torn, sore spot is starting to heal and feel whole again. Thank you Tracy, truly thank you. You are a very special person and I can’t tell you enough how much you helped me. I was drowning in my own pain and the noise of busyness was deafening. This weekend was like coming up for fresh air, surrounded by the wonder of nature, it gave me the chance to stand still for a moment.  A much needed  time-out, I was able to look inward, look around and remember who I am and realise my true potential. Tracy’s compassion and humanity created a safe and loving environment to open up, break free and break through. It reminded me that we are never alone and through love and connectedness, we can find peace and the joy of being.

~ Isabel

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We leave for Mozambique 19th of March and arrive back from Imfolozi 30th of March.

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