Wild Hearted Circling

Circle as an embodied spiritual practice

The purpose of our circle is to come into more love, joy and connection by dropping into deeper truth and embodiment, loving what is, rather than needing to fix or change anything. When Truth is spoken, no matter what it is, everyone in the circle comes into deeper joy and relaxation, opening their hearts and allowing love and life to flow more freely.

This is an ongoing spiritual practice of connecting to, and expressing our deeper truth while being held, witnessed and accepted by others. The power of doing this work is exponential in an amplified field. Because others were involved in the closing of our hearts, we need others to learn how to open. When we follow our joy and drop into this field of heart resonance, our unworthiness and defenses can be brought to the light and circle becomes a sacred laboratory where we witness our inner world expressed on the outside, experiencing how our hearts close, giving us a key to open.

Every single member of the circle represents a part of you. As you learn to become more harmonious, accepting and in communion with these parts outside, you’re learning to become more harmonious and in communion within yourself.,. healing the internal conflict that’s keeping you from opening fully to yourself, others and the world, while integrating more and more of who you are back into wholeness.

As our hearts open and defenses are dropped we come into increased heart resonance, feeling ourselves and each other more deeply, embodying even more truth, love and joy.

Thanks again Brett & Tracy for such a profound experience. I’ve been part of many groups and circles before but this one was totally unique. I really felt held and guided and was amazed how you managed to help us let go of our “stories” & get right to the the core of our issues in such a gentle, loving way. I got so much out of this evening, I can’t thank you enough and also thanks to all the others in the group who shared in such a real and courageous way. I hope your talk this evening goes well Tracy, more people need to join your circles. I’ll be back for sure!


Circle participant

You guys are modern day magicians!

What we bring

Our circles are held in love and safety by a container of agreements and gently guided facilitation by Brett and Tracy, bringing both masculine and feminine energies. We draw on the foundation skills of our Relationship Mastery training and Tracy’s certified Heart IQ Practitioner training through the work of Christian Pankhurst and the Heart IQ Academy in Netherlands.

We also add our unique signature of sensitivity to the field with Tracy’s powerful embodied shamanic energy, helping others to come into deeper sacred embodiment and Brett’s ability to gently navigate individuals through their defense mechanism, dropping the circle deeper into this resonant unified field.

The way that Tracy and Brett guide and hold the space creates safety and space for each individual to really bring and show themselves as they are, no matter how “Too much” or “Too heavy” I or whatever we may feel. EVERYTHING that we feel in circle is accepted and held with infinite and unconditional love.

With this safety I am able to really explore my inner world and bring it forward, when bringing myself forward and my inner world, I am able to see things I go through reflected in other circlers, creating the safety for others to also access the state of vulnerability and openness, to see into the depths of ourselves together. This has taught me, that my so called “Unique” pain and suffering is actually universal and I am able to see my experience in the other. As well as experience joy and bliss together as the same feeling.


Regular circler

What we offer

We hold weekly drop-in circles in Cape Town and powerful full day and weekend events… see the link to our Meetup page on the right for more details. Our vision is to bing this work into existing communities like creative teams and businesses who acknowledge the link between relating and creating and want to be on the cutting edge of conscious creation. We believe an inherent understanding of ‘the field’, the web of life, is crucial to healthy, thriving, revolutionary communities.

See Becoming Communi-Trees for more understanding.

If you are interested in bringing this powerful work to your community please contact us.

Such a ripple effect since this weekend, I can see already how it’s holding a space for wanting greater intimacy and authenticity. This work should start penetrating into the corporate and business world where we’re expected to have meetings. There’s so much to explore in what you guys are tapping in on and the modalities you’re using. Wow, I think it’s incredible what you’ve started here in Cape Town, South Africa, it’s so authentic and amazing. Im excited that it’s just the beginning.


Ignite your Intimacy particpant

Thank you all for an amazing, beautiful and magick weekend. I feel so blessed to have connected with each one of you – each in a different way, yet in an underlying one-ness way. I have received so much healing through acceptance and the shared-feelings experiences. The ‘highs’ I have started to experience during the weekend feels like the first real worthwhile ‘fruit’ from all my years of deep digging, isolation-style inner work. I look forward to more, and to exploring even further depths as I am starting to experience what I deep-down ‘knew’: that there truly is gold to be found in this transformational experience. I feel at peace today, more whole, and a longing for both more life and more death. I feel as if I am less ‘afraid’ (for now 😳) of the expression, power and effects of these two beautiful, yet forceful dualities in me. And yes, I feel more connected to my heart. ❤ Love to you,


Weekend circle participant