Circle Dynamics

Individual Dynamics

A circle is made up of individuals so first we need to look at a model of the make-up of each individual. Each person has a shell/mask… this is how we like the world to see us. Behind this mask/outer shell we have a whole lot of defense mechanisms guarding our truth. These defense mechanisms were developed when we were very young and have been built up to defend us against pain that was overwhelming for our nervous systems at that age. Now that we are adults we are able to process the pain or hurt. To come into our full love and vitality we need to digest the previously undigested pain, slowly letting go of our defenses, allowing us to open to more joy, love and connection… and this can only be done in relation to others.

Circle Dynamics

As we drop deeper and deeper into heart resonance in circle we combine our consciousnesses at deeper and deeper levels. The circle consciousness starts to act as one entity becoming the amplified field, this amplification and resonating has some interesting results. The circle consciousness wants to come to deeper joy, connection and love. Anything that is preventing this love being felt will come up to be expressed and integrated. The person who is a clearer channel for a particular energy in that moment will be called to express it. This energy needs to be expressed and if it is not expressed then the circle will start to feel frustration or heaviness. If someone in the circle is suppressing a certain range of emotion then this energy will need to be expressed and it will expressed by someone else in the circle in a more amplified way. When one person expresses an emotional-energetic range that another may be suppressing and they see that it can be loved and accepted, their physiology now has an imprint of how to express this range themselves.


Please note these agreements are essential to create the safety needed to drop into depth and heart.

  1. I agree that the reason we have come here is to come into our open hearts and connect to more joy
  2. I agree to keep the details of what others share in this event confidential.
  3. No 3rd party talk (includes analysing) about anyone who is not in circle, unless a specific process is set up around it.
  4. When sharing, speak from your own experience using ‘I’ vs. ‘you’
  5. I agree to speak from the present moment and share what I’m feeling and wanting – rather than telling stories about my past or giving advice
  6. No fixing or advice giving, there is nothing ‘wrong’. We’re here to love what is.
  7. I agree to speak my truth and be real when sharing with others.
  8. I agree to only talk about people who are not present in an uplifting manner.
  9. I agree to be generous with my spontaneous, uplifting response when others are sharing.
  10. I agree to be here for me – and allow others to be here for themselves.
  11. I agree that this is a facilitated space which allows for deeper circle safety and am aware that I may be asked to pause, slow down, or get invited into an inquiry to help bring me deeper into my body and truth.
  12. I agree to remind myself that we are in fact each other and everybody here is in fact here for me and who is here is perfect for me. The medicine we need for this time is here in circle.

As you talk speak as much as possible from an embodied place – tracked, deliberate, clear and juicy. Take responsibility with your own power and energy. It takes effort to be present and this is what we’re learning.

Not only are these agreements essential for us to work together, connect and have a successful circle. If you apply this to your life you would already have got the value you came for!