Becoming a ‘Communi-Tree’

Suzanne Simard, a scientist and forest ecologist, inspired me as to why I feel this circle work is so important in building healthy, sustainable communities.

Through her scientific experiments she discovered an underground system of what she describes as a world of infinite biological pathways, connecting trees and allowing them to communicate… sending carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous and other chemicals and information backwards and forwards to where it’s most needed. Through their communication backwards and forwards they increase the resilience of the entire community. The mycelium, the fungal threads, connects different species through an ‘innernet’… there’s no competition, but co- operation. The mother tree will pass her wisdom and resources to the next generation of saplings before she dies… informing and resourcing the future forests.

Back to the human tree –

According to the HeartMath Institute, the human heart’s electro-magnetic field can be measured several feet away from the body and is 60 times stronger than that of the brain. Imagine an ‘innernet’ of connection of these overlapping fields that are passing information backwards and forwards like the fungi.

When people come together in an intentional space of deepening their connection, authenticity and love, this creates a coherent amplified field. This alchemical container facilitates rapid individual and collective growth and expansion. The power of the field helps people feel more, and connect to deeper subtleties and truth.

This is the space where our multidimensional selves get to play. We all have this higher aspect of ourselves, our innate wisdom, God Self, whatever you want to call it. The aspect that’s connected to our soul blueprint, our essence, the part that’s beyond our personality and conditioning wanting to serve, but we’re not always open to listening to. In a circle of eight, imagine these parts are hovering above each person swapping information, creating a cosmic soup of creative potential which gets split eight ways and portioned to each individual who is now carrying their own field, x 8.

There may be something you’re needing to hear or get that isn’t able to come through you so it will find another channel. Through the expression of this part of you in another you get to witness an emotional-energetic range that may be suppressed or have been made wrong and receive an energetic imprint of a new possibility you can claim for yourself. Every person in the circle brings an aspect that is present in each person, the expression of which allows these different parts to be integrated, dropping the field into deeper resonance, allowing the energy to flow more fully and freely, accessing more creative potential and expanding the collective consciousness.

We get an embodied experience of oneness… You are me cleverly camouflaged as you. And so our awakening is accelerated.

Just like a forest of trees, there becomes a co-operative community where we’re feeding each other what we need in order to accelerate our awakening. Each ‘tree’ is standing interdependently, connected to themselves and to the larger web that’s nourishing and nurturing the individual for the greater good of the community and the community for the greater good of the individual… And it’s all being done via an intelligence beyond our limited understanding!